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Farm Description

The bedrock of every successful grow out fish business is quality fish seed. If a farmer starts a cycle of Catfish production with diseased and slow growing fingerlings, he will definitely have issues in his production. 

To ensure farmers get the right seed that will safeguard their investment and contribute to the food sustainability of the country, Dombyke Farms embarked in the production of quality, healthy, disease-free, high growth fish seeds.

By sponsoring at least a Catfish Fingerlings Farm slot, you will be part of the efforts in ensuring farmers get quality inputs as well as make Nigeria sustainable in healthy fish production.

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Catfish Fingerlings

Returns 26% in 9 Months

98 Units Available!

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Sponsorship and Return

You can sponsor as many Farms as you want. The more farms you sponsor, the more sustainable Nigeria will be in food production, the more employment you create and the more your Return on Investment (ROI)