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Farm Description

Nigeria with a population of over 200million people is estimated to consume 1.5million metric tonnes of fish annually. Current local production is estimated at 600,000 MT while bulk of the demand is met via importation.

Dombyke Farms is playing in the Aquaculture industry to contribute her quota in bridging the supply gap by producing healthy and affordable fish to Nigerians as well as for export.

By sponsoring a Catfish Farm slot, you will be part of the efforts in making Nigeria sustainable in healthy fish production.

Many people enjoy the flavor and taste of catfish, but it offers a variety of health benefits as well. Including the nutritious fish in our diet helps us meet our protein needs and boosts our intake of vitamins and healthy fats and fatty acids. Consider catfish regularly in your meal planning, it’s tasty, can be used for a variety of dishes and the best part – it’s healthy. Here are some great reasons to introduce a little more of this seafood into your diet.

1. Great for your heart: an extra portion of fish every week can cut risk of heart disease in half.

2. Clears the blood vessels 

3. Helps the Joints against rheumatism 

4. Beneficial for eyes: Fish contains retinol, a form of vitamin A which boosts night vision.

5. Contains lots of Essential Nutrients

6. Protect Lungs: Not only can seafood relieve the symptoms of asthma in children, but it has shown signs of preventing it.

7. Helps Lose Weight: Catfish fat content is much less than other animal side dishes such as beef and chicken. 

8. Fights Depressions: Seafood plays an important role in preventing depression. Seafood could also help us to avoid Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and post-natal depression.

9. Good for skin Health: eating lots of fish can also help with the symptoms of skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. 

10. Good for Nervous System

11. Good for Digestive Health

12. Boost your brainpower: Research has shown that people who eat plenty of seafood are less likely to suffer dementia and memory problems in later life. DHA, omega-3 fat found in seafood, has also been linked to improvements in children’s concentration, reading skills, behavior, and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

13. Good For The formation of Bone and Teeth


Our Fish are naturally raised (Raised without Antibiotics or Growth Hormones. 100% Organic)

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